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Utilizing a residential locksmith service is very important and common. There are multiple reasons as to why you will need to hire a residential locksmith.

Emergency Lockout Service

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One of the worst feelings is getting home after a long day and as you walk towards your door you notice that your house keys are missing and now you are locked out. Maybe you went outside to throw the trash out or to take your dog for a walk but when heading back you realize that you locked your keys inside of your home. Other incidents such as misplacing your mailbox keys can occur which will also require lock out service. These types of aggravating situations can happen to any of us but no worries, Locksmith Planet is only a phone call away and ready to assist you.

Moving into a New Home or Renting an Apartment

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When moving into a new home or renting an apartment you can automatically assume that someone out there has possession of the keys to your new place. Knowing this can feel uncomfortable and unsafe, this is why at Locksmith Planet we offer a residential rekeying service. Rekeying locks is one the most common services that people acquire from residential locksmith when moving into a new home. This service is done by creating new keys to work on the existing locks which means that all of the previous keys will no longer work on the locks. This will secure your home and ensure that no one with the old keys can enter your home without your permission. You can also opt for a lock change this will be suitable for those who want a different style of lock on their door or maybe the current locks are corroded and old or not functioning properly. Locksmith Planet has a plethora of different types of lock styles for you to choose from.

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Adding Additional Security to your Home

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In some cases, you may feel that your current deadbolt is not keeping your home as secure as you’d like but you don’t want to replace it, you want to simply add additional lock to up the level of security. This is done by either adding a keyed door knob or handle or you can add an additional deadbolt which will most likely require fresh installation. Fresh installation means creating a new hole on the door for the additional deadbolt to be placed above the current one. The new deadbolt can be rekeyed to match the current deadbolt, or it can be different depending on your preference. Adding more security to your home can also mean adding an additional lock mechanism to your sliding glass doors. You’ve probably noticed that not all sliding glass door locks feel as the most secure and sturdy, which is why most brake ins happen via the sliding glass doors. Locksmith Planet has a great option for you to add more security to those glass doors. We can install an additional unique lock which is the most popular option that our clients prefer to secure their glass doors. Other unique services we provide is creating a peephole to your door.

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Keypads & Electronic Locks

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With the worlds technology evolving and becoming more advanced people like to add more security to their home in a form of fancy keypad lock. Locksmith Planet has a variety of keyless options to offer you that will not only look esthetically pleasing on your door but also will add a more advanced security to your home. These types of locks are not only for your home but will also be the perfect lock mechanism for Air BNB and long-term rental unit. The keypad lock will make your life a lot easier by allowing you to change the entry code each time a new guest is renting out your unit.

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Lock Repairs & Replacements

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Some locks as they get older and used begin to not function as well as they used to. In these situations, you will want to hire a Residential Locksmith to assess the issue. Our professional Residential locksmiths will know whether they can repair the current locks or replace them completely if the current locks are compromised. At Locksmith Planet we also offer mailbox lock replacements. Replacing mailbox locks is done when you either lose your mailbox keys or if you are a new tenant in a rental unit and don’t want the previous tenants to have access to your private mail.

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  • Residential lockout service

  • Rekey locks

  • High Security locks

  • Deadbolt replacement

  • Door knob replacement

  • Lever handle replacement

  • Electronic keypad deadbolt 

  • Door locks repairs and adjustments

  • Mailbox lockout service

  • Mailbox lock replacement

  • Sliding glass door lock 

  • Window locks 

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