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Nothing is worse than needing to drive somewhere and realizing you either lost your car keys or accidentally locked your keys inside of your vehicle. Here is where an automotive locksmith can assist you. There are many different services that an automotive locksmith provides, below you can read about the most common services and what they intel.

Locked Car Keys inside of the vehicle

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In cases where you accidentally lock your keys inside of your vehicle it can feel extremely frustrating and inconvenient no matter when or where it happens. That is where an automotive locksmith such as Locksmith Planet comes to the rescue. Our automotive locksmith technicians will arrive to your location as quick as possible in order to unlock your vehicle so you can continue your day. Unlike the hassle of calling AAA and waiting for hours for them to arrive. Furthermore if your keys end up not being inside the car, AAA does not have the capabilities of making you a new key only an automotive locksmith can assist you with that.

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Lost Car Key, Fob or Smart Key

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Losing your car key can be a bit of a scary thing. Automatically you feel frustrated of the idea of getting a new key made for your car. Additionally, you might get worried if someone were to find the lost key, they could possibly steal your car. At Locksmith planet we are here to help! Once you call and provide us with the year, make and model of your vehicle we’ll know right away what kind of key your car takes therefore we could give you an accurate price for the service.

Key Braking off Inside the Ignition cylinder or Door Lock

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In situations where you accidentally broke the key blade inside the ignition cylinder or door lock, Locksmith Planet can definitely help. Our automotive locksmith technicians are experienced in key extractions. They will remove the broken key from the ignition or lock cylinder and make you a brand-new functional key.

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Transponder Keys, Fobs & Smart Key Programming

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It is not uncommon that your key or remote might lose its programming. Locksmith Planet automotive technicians carry top of the line key programing machines which will be able to program your key or fob. In some incidents you might need an additional transponder key or fob, we can provide you with an additional key/fob and program them.

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Ignition Repairs and Replacements

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There are times where your ignition doesn’t allow you to insert your key inside or turn it, this requires either an ignition repair or replacement. Locksmith Planet is capable of doing both. Our professional and experienced technicians will assess the issue and decide whether the ignition can be salvaged with a repair or needs to be replaced completely.

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  • Automotive lockout service

  • Car key replacement

  • Lost car key

  • Standard car keys (metal key)

  • Transponder car keys (chip key)

  • High security keys (laser cut keys)

  • Remote head keys

  • Remote flip keys

  • Smart keys

  • Keyless entry remotes

  • Car key programming

  • Remote programming

  • Smart key and programming

  • Ignition lock repairs

  • Ignition lock replacement

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